Dani-Marie Dicecco

   Has trained in dance since 1988 from studios on Long Island and NYC. She has trained in all areas of dance and continues to attend conventions and workshops to remain up to date on all the styles of dance. Dani has be involved in the competition circuit since she was a young dancer. Her style and flare for dance has awarded her many high score, first place, platinum and choreography awards. She was part of an award winning competition team that traveled along the east coast and is now proud to have trained a high score, award winning competition team at U Gotta Dance. Dani also has a BA in Elementary Education from Dowling College. Her high energy and enthusiasm for dance has enabled her to make the classroom a positive atomosphere for students to build confidence while learning the proper technique of dance.

Evelyn Zangrillo
    Is a highly respected teacher and choreographer for over 25 years. She had completed her dance studies at the Broadway Dance Center with Frank Hatchet, Judy Bassing, AC and more. Evelyn has attended many regional, national and master workshops. She has also been a lead dancer at various Long Island studios, performances and competitions. Evelyn's talent for dance has lead her to choreograph many nationally acclaimed high score winning routines for junior and senior competition students. Her achievements as a choreographer also enabled her to win many prestigious dance titles such as Miss Dance, Miss Teen Dance, Miss Junior Dance and Best Overall choreography at many competitions as well as the Excalibur award at Dance Explosion National Competition. She is a mother of 2 and has a degree in nursing as a medical assistant. Her love for children and dance has left an impact on many of her students.